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1. Who should enroll?

We welcome enrollments daily from all persons interested in Montessori education. Our student base is a diverse one, ranging from people who are looking to become Montessori teachers, to current Montessori teachers and administrators, to childcare practitioners, to parents and grandparents, to homeschoolers. We are very fortunate to work with students in Los Angeles. Begin your Montessori training with LAMC today!

What is the educational pre-requisite for your programs?
We require that you meet one of the following criteria:
• Possess a high school diploma or GED (or foreign) equivalent; or
• Be granted admission based upon having experience working in an educational capacity; or
• Be granted admission as a mature student (19 years or older).

2. Which Montessori programs do you offer?

ACMI offer two levels of Montessori teacher training:

Infant/Toddler Program
(0-3 Years)

Program Length: 3 Months

Early Childfood Program
(3-6 Years)

Program Length: 3 Months

3. Our Tutors

Our tutors are experienced Montessori educators and trainers who are knowledgeable and well practiced in all facets of Montessori education — the philosophy, methods, materials, and interactions needed to create an environment that leads to enriched learning opportunities for every child. Offering you unlimited access throughout your program, your personal tutor works directly with you, providing feedback during the program as well as answering any questions you have pertaining to Montessori education, our curriculum and resources, the use of didactic materials, classroom questions, assignments, and much more. Part of LAMCʼs professional and caring team, our dedicated tutors are available and happy to encourage and guide you when needed as you complete your Montessori training course.

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